The UK is rapidly becoming Islamised.

Every pillar of society is enabling this.

If nothing is done right now to reverse it, then the UK will reach the “point of no return” quite soon.

This point could well be in the decade 2030 to 2040.

The UK would probably still have nuclear weapons at this point, and these may well fall into the hands of fundamentalist Muslims, if the entire country does.

Unless these weapons are removed in the next few years, then the UK would become a menace to our current friends and allies. In particular, the USA and Israel would likely be targets.

The UK has a binary choice: either remove Islam from the UK, or remove weapons from the UK, especially nuclear weapons.


Please help to wake up those in positions of authority to the nature, severity, and urgency of the threat. Publicise this website and books - particularly the book Hellish 2050 and the Abrogated Koran.

Specific tasks are outlined below.

Time is rapidly running out.

What you can do to help:

1. Spread the free eBook “Hellish 2050” as widely as possible. It is written in the context of the UK - however, there is much information in the book that is relevant to all countries. Download the eBook via the link: http://hellish2050.com/books/Hellish_2050.pdf and email it to your Member of Parliament / Senator / Congressman. Write an email to explain how urgent the matter is. Also write to your vicar / rector / bishop / priest / minister, or your rabbi / brahmin priest / bhikkhu / mobed / granthi, and send them the book. Islam does not respect any other religion – we are all in this battle together.

2. If you have a website / blog / social media page, please add this link to it: http://hellish2050.com/ - preferably with a thumbnail image of the Hellish 2050 book cover. A thumbnail image is available at this link. When you write comments below articles, videos and so on, please also insert a link to this website.

3. Have the LEAFLETS printed, and deliver them. This is important tin spreading the word to the wider public. They probably know what is coming, but do they understand the urgency? Do they know how severely it will affect them, their children, and their grandchildren?

4. Please ask all of your contacts to do items 1, 2 and 3.

5. The eBooks are free. There is no financial barrier to you helping - it just requires some of your time and dedication. If you do wish to help me financially with this task, the best way to do so is to order printed copies of the books. See the BOOKS page. Order numerous copies and give them to your friends, relatives, and contacts. People often prefer printed books to reading on a screen. I am no longer employed at a university in England. Someone complained that I have written critically about Islam, and doing so is not compatible with the aims of the university. If you do order printed books, this will very much helps me to continue with the task.

We have very little time to reverse the Islamisation of the UK. The “point of no return” will probably be in the decade 2030 to 2040 if our Government does nothing. Note that this is not the same date as when there will be a Muslim majority – expected early in the latter half of this century. The date when Muslims are in a majority is largely irrelevant, because it will be impossible to reverse things by then. Other countries are also rapidly becoming Islamised. These books can help those countries too. Sweden and France are further gone than the UK; other countries are not far behind. We must all work together to help each other avert this tragedy. I do feel that the UK can be a bastion of hope and strength. On several occasions we have helped to rescue our continental European friends from totalitarian evil. History could well repeat itself. The proponents of Islam have under-estimated the will-power of the British people. The proponents of totalitarian ideologies have done so before (the Cold War, WW2, WW1, Napoleon). If we regain our will-power, we can of course see off the totalitarian threat from Islam too. We simply have to force our Government to act decisively and in the best interests of the UK.

This is extremely serious. Try to do something helpful every day. Your help is greatly appreciated – I cannot do this on my own.